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Cardboard   Nature Weaving

By: The Rainbow Tree

Orange & Clove Homemade Play Dough

Weaving is a great activity for developing fine motor skill practice for children as well as it being a really fun craft to do, that can easily become very addictive! Though it can be a little complicated for your children to understand initially, I would say that the best way for them to learn is for you to show them yourself so they can see it in front of them. Oh no! You have to get involved… Thank me later. 

Once they get the gist you can do it with pretty much anything, paper, string, cloth you name it. However, I write this in the midst of COVID-19 lockdown and so we don’t always have quick access to the things we need. So we get creative and frugal. We made Cardboard Nature Weaving from part of a cardboard box in the garage and some string. The rest we collected from our garden and on our daily exercise allowance. 

All you need to make Cardboard Nature Weaving is a handful of items, some cardboard, that could be from a large packing box to a small cereal box – any will do. You’ll also need some string, scissors and some nature that you can weave with. That’s it! 

What you will need:
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Weavable nature 


Step 1
Cut a rectangular or square bit of cardboard out. 

Step 2

On opposite sides cut a number of 1cm vertical cuts into both sides, making sure they are vaguely in line with each other. 


Step 3
With your string, slip it in one at the end and begin to wind it round the cardboard, making sure to slip the string in each of the cuts you have made to secure it. Tie the last bit of string with the end of the first bit of string at the back. 
Step 4
Now either take your cardboard nature weaving with you on your nature walk and weave as you go along or take a bag with you. Collect as much as you can and when you get home, lay out your treasures and begin to weave them into your nature weaving. 

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