Being creative with your Little Feet is not something that has to be overwhelming or expensive. You need it to be stress free and enjoyable for all those involved. We understand that as busy parents you don’t want to have to add something else to your to do list. 

You may find that you already have lot of this list already. In my research from talking to many parents over the years I have realised many become overwhelmed at knowing where to start with being creative with their children. It’s one of the things I’m passionate about telling people about. Being creative does not need to be complicated. Being creative does not need to be expensive. Being creative can be simple, fun and easy.

It is said that for your child to engage their imagination that the toys and tools you put in front of them should be basic. Toys that are overcomplicated often mean that your child can’t use their imaginative skills to use that item in a number of different ways. Put some thing in front of them that is simple in nature and they’ll use it in 5 different ways on 5 different occasions.

The items that we include in this list are tools that we come back to again and again and are the basis of many of the creative activities we share on this website. Importantly they are all multipurpose which means they can be used in many different projects we do.


1. Gel Food Colouring  

Everyone always slightly tilts their head in confusion when I say this to them. Gel food colouring first off is better than liquid colouring in pretty much everything (apart from clothes dyeing). The benefits are that you may already have some in your kitchen, that it is edible (great of preschoolers who put stuff in their mouths) and can be used to dye play dough, dye food, paint with and so many other things. 

2. Paper; plain, coloured, tissue, card, sugar

Paper, any type! Your children will come up with all sorts of stuff to do with them. Colour, cut out, make into aeroplanes, make binoculars, masks you name it!  

3. Contact Paper 

Oh I could talk all day long about the uses of sticky back contact paper. There are limitless things one can do with them, lots of which can be found on this website! 

4. Paint & Paintbrushes

Enough said. Every craft cupboard has to have paint, whether you like it or not! These days there are so many options. If you feel wheasy about poster paint, why not go for a watercolour option. You can buy them in solid form and are a lot less messy. Alternatively there are now things called paint sticks which again are not as messy. No excuses!

5. Autumn Nut-Tree Display 

5. Glue; stick, liquid, glue guns 

Again craft = glue most of the time so some sort of glue is fairly essential. 

6. Silicone Moulds & Cookie Cutters

This is a random one I know but they are actually very useful. We use them so much for things like sensory bins. It’s amazing what you can use them for! 

7. Recyclables 

Egg cartons, loo roll, cereal boxes, paper plates, cardboard boxes, cartons, milk jugs, literally anything! 

8. All that glitters… (yes, sorry, but glitter makes children happy whether you like it or not)

Glitter just makes everything prettier. And this comes from someone who is not in any way a girlie girl. So suck it up and deal with being covered for the next week. 

9. Writing implements; pens, pencils, crayons etc

We have pens and pencils literally EVERYWHERE in the house. I mean I find them everywhere. As much as this is unbelievably infuriating for my anxious need to keep this in order, it does mean that they will end up drawing anywhere in the house. There is SO much doodling that happens in our house. I mean every.single.day. Multiple sheets of paper. Elaborate or simple, 3D or 2D, cut out or whole. Not a day goes by where they don’t draw. It’s simple, it’s inexpensive and it is great pen practise for any age. 

10. Scissors

Scissors are pretty important when crafting. We have normal scissors, but you can also get all sorts of amazing exciting papercutting scissors with different patterned edges. This means when you cut they come out in fancy designs. At the moment the girls are obsessed with them. They cut are everything with them. Every drawing they do they insist on cutting them out as well. Even my 2 year old has managed to get the hand of these scissors. 

Disclaimer: This page has affiliate links. This means that if you purchase items through the above links we receive a small commission. This helps with the up keep of our website so thank you! 

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